Bn220 will not connect with ardupilot(solved)

hi, I have a gps which always works and still works with all of my quadcopter(betaflight), but somehow it doesnt work with ardupilot matek f405 wing.

gps rx to fc tx(usart3) tried swapping also
gps tx to fc rx(usart3) tried swapping also
gps_type = auto/2(all tried with power reboot and not working)
serial3 protocol = 5 (gps)
serial3 baudrate = 57/38/9/19 (all tried with power reboot and not working)

edit: gps is bn220

solved :
I force gps auto switch to use gps1, and set gps_type2 to 0

edit: also matek f405 Wing for tx3 and rx3 marking are wrong (swapped). uart1 is fineā€¦ not sure with other uart as im not using it