BN-880 GPS GPS Wont work

Hello, I am using the BN-880 GPS (
I chose it cuz its in the docs (Beitian BN-220 GPS / BN-880 GPS & Compass — Copter documentation)

I keep getting a No GPS error so I hooked it up to a USB converter and this is what I am reading from it


IDK if this is what its supposed to look like?
(it is not outside so I’m not expecting to get a GPS Fix).
I just want the GPS to show up in Mission Planner at this point.

Those NMEA messages say there’s no GPS fix. If you connected GPS correctly, you should see “no GPS fix” on hud of mission planner.

The easiest way to check if the GPS is connected correctly is going to Status tab and check “gpsstatus”, which should be 1.

The Mission Planner HUD reports NO GPS or GPS NO FIX; in the first case there is no GPS and in the second case there is GPS but it has not picked up satellites.

But if the HUD shows the information as ICONS, in that case it does not distinguish and the icon that appears says, in both cases, NO GPS.

4.3.5 Copter, I have the same issue “GPS: No Fix”

“gpsstatus = 1” which means gps is connected, and gps is drifting long away from my location.

About 40 min , finally got fixed, I’m confused about this, what might be the problem???

  • actually, board is palced at balcony
  • there is a space between FC and BN880 unit
  • sunny day :slight_smile: