BN-180 no gps fix

I can’t get a gps fix.


In u-center I get a fix within a minute indoor.

What can I do?
Is there a way to log gps communication?

ArduCopter 4.0.3
Matek F405-CTR

4.0.3-arducopter-20200327-2.param (19.9 KB)

Good day, did you check the correct wiring?

yes, of course. As you see in the screenshot ArduPilot recognizes the gps
“GPS 1: detected as u-blox at 115200 baud”.

There was some discussion about selecting the constellations manually. I think I did this and got better results.

can you provide a link to the discussion?


Try disabling Sbas and just configure GPS no Sbas (1) and see if it works. Then No Sbas and Glonass (64) and see if it works. Of course power cycle between settings.

you have VTX near GPS?

yes, I have. About 3 cm away.

you are the man!

vtx off

vtx on

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try moving the vtx, but if you can’t you should change GPS. I had the same problem with the same gps on a 90mm 1.9 props frame. Very long and bad fix hdop, I solved changing gps

How far did you move the GPS away from the VTX ?

on my 3 “quad it is about 4 cm, however I have a different VTX than the 90mm quad.
however bn180 works well on my 3” quad (hdop 0.7)

In the past 3 weeks I’ve had a number of recently purchased (BG) BN-180 act up on me. On several occasions they can sit in the field for 30-40minutes and not get a fix, while nearby planes see 12-16 sats. I even disconnected the VTx and telemetry and switched of the radio. No change.

First time for me to have this problem and I have 20-25 different planes with GPS/arduplane flying over the last 3-4 years.

just purchase a different gps module… i advice you a mro gps dual compasses… fast gps acquisition and it’s big ground plane…