Hi guys - I’m interested in getting the Bluetooth up and running with my nexus, but before I invest in all the bits I just want to make sure I am understanding how it is done. I dont have a computer so it would be great to use my tablet (nexus 7 2013) to setup my APM and use it in the field without "root"ing it.
It is my understanding having read the how to connect page that I solder said Bluetooth board to my USB 3DR telemetry radio module and provide power (5v) and change the baud rate. Is it really that simple? Can I still use the 3dr telemetry USB like normal afterwards?
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I am not sure you will be able to do a complete setup from a tablet. Arthur will know. You can connect via 3DR radios and a cable. That’s how I do it with my N7


With the current avaliable code (DP v1.2.0) it’s designed to work as you dashboard, and mission planning software. You can alter your configurable parameters if you are able to do it via the parameter list.

With the release of DroidPlanner v2 and forward we want to also add support for the basic configurations you may want to do in the field, like mag calibration, RC radio calibration.

About the connection here is good place to look up is: … to-connect

You have two options:

  • Via USB with an special adapter (you can find that on amazon), then you will use the same module that you currently use on your PC. No modifications are needed, and you will still be able to use it with the PC.
  • Via Bluetooth, but for that you will need a “air module” and a bluetooth module. Some soldering will be required. There are people that are starting to sell those telemetry/bluetooth modules ready to use.

What I would do: I would get the nexus 7 2013 (same tablet as I’m developing on, so you shouldn’t have any problems), and use an USB adapter (that’s just a couple of bucks). And when someone releases a bluetooth2telemetry box buy it.

Awesome thank you guys - Nexus 7 with OTG Cable it is :slight_smile: