Bluetooth Holybro telemetry radio bridge - bluetooth shut down

Hi all,
I setup a Bluetooth bridge with an holybro 500 mw sik telemetry radio to be used with pixhawk and mission planner.
Wirings are 100% ok.

The problem is that as soon as I power up the telemetry module, the Bluetooth module shut down (all leds go off)…wirings are ok.
I tried everything: changing telemetry module (I have 4 of them), changing Bluetooth module (I have two of them), power them separately from two different bec, using a capacitor in the 5V, reducing output power of the telemetry module and other things.
The only way to avoid the Bluetooth to shut down is to wrap my hand around the telemetry module antenna or place my hands as a shield between the modules or keep the modules half meter away one each other with one hand as a shield…in this situation the telemetry works great.
Without shielding them with my hand, sometimes the Bluetooth module does not shut down but the communication is not ok…for example, I’m able to connect to mission planner but mission planner is not able to download the parameter of the pixhawk during connection.
How to solve this issue?
Any idea or suggestion?

Thank you