Bluetooth connectivity on Android

I have a ULRS system with connected bluetooth board on the Tx which has the Mavlink telemetry data available. I can connect quite happily from QGC (and Mission Planner) on my Macbook over BT, but on both my Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy S4 phone (running Android 6.0.1), I fail to get a BT connection every time. In each case, I have the Android device paired with the BT board, and QGC sees the BT device and allows me to select it, but then it fails to connect. On the same two Android devices I also have Tower installed and can get this connected over BT without issue. Any advice?

When I played around with Bluetooth connectivity I know windows gave me 2 com port that where part of the serial link. Only one seemed to work. Have you tried both com ports?

I have it working on Windows (The two com ports are: one for outgoing connection - which we need to use, and the other for incoming, which can be deleted, as not required). Its Android I have the issue on. I am able to configure the BT connection in Android settings (pair it, enter the PIN etc) and this BT connection works for the Tower app just fine. But in QGC, I can add the bluetooth connection, scan and see the device and choose it, then click connect, and all appears OK until I go to the main screen and see the error saying it failed to connect. I presume it uses the connection/pairing details stored in Android settings as the QGC connection does not prompt for a BT device pin etc.

Can you point me to a bluetooth board I could buy for testing? I don’t have anything bluetooth so I can’t really help at the moment.

Any serial to Bluetooth module will work like the HC-06.

@pauljatherton sorry I misread and thought you where talking about a windows problem. I have not used QGC all that much but I do know they are under heavy development, at one point they where pushing an update every other day.

I’m not much of a hardware person. Is there something that is plug/play with a Pixhawk? If not, can you point me to all the stuff I will need as well as cabling and how to connect?

This would be a replacement for the telemetry: Link - banggood

Perfect. I have one heading to me now.

We seem to have got a bit off-topic on the OP. Anyone have any luck getting QGC connected over BT on Android?

Where do you find the values to connect ground control with bluetooth

When i connect my tellemetry with ground control it connects by it self with usb , how can i connect with bluetooth?

At tower app i choose with what i want to connect

Under Comm Links, click Add - Type: Serial, choose the BT serial port, baud rate, etc. Strangely, it allows this configuration, displaying the BT adapter in the list,ceven for BT adapters which have not yet been paired at the OS level. The pairing at the OS level allows you to enter the pin number required by the BT adapter, and I was under the impression that this had to happen forst otherwise no BT comms! But if this pairing didn’t yet take place, I find it strange that QGroundControl still shows the (unpaired) BT device, and allows it to be added in the comms configuration. Not sure how it would expect a connection to succeed using a newly defined comms config to a BT device, if this hasn’t yet been paired in the OS!

Thank you , i m going to try it

Any luck chaps? I completely forgot I had posted about this and raised a new topic on same subject.