Android won't connect via bluetooth

Trying to get a connection to a BT module I have which is connected to Mavlink over my Ultimate LRS system. I manage to connect BT from android and pair just fine. When setting up the connection in QGC, it finds the BT connection and allows it to be added, but refuses to connect. I can connect using the same BT connection with QGC on my mac without issue, but have never yet managed to get the Android version to connect. I can get Tower to connect over BT from the same Android phone without issue.

There is a slight quirk with ULRS, in that it requires the ground station to connect at 115200baud. The other ground station software seems to be able to handle this just fine but sadly not QGC. Does anyone have QGC connecting from Android over BT?

For info I have Android 7 on a Google Nexus 6p. Also tried running Android 6 on a Galaxy S4 with the same issue. Anyone?

Apologies, I completely forgot that I had asked the same question previously. Just found that thread but no proper resolution yet. post here: Bluetooth connectivity on Android

I want to ask you

When you connect the tower app through bluetooth does it show to you the rssi values and how many meters you are away from home location?

Full Bluetooth is now working in daily builds of QGC.

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DonLakeFlyer Hmmmm date 19-02-2020 — its not anymore ?. Daily does not connect (or see my UAV2 Bluetooth device ), stable does however. :roll_eyes: Android 10 on Samsung S9+ and XROCK Radio V5

Just tested on Tablet Android 8 , Bluetooth works . Could it be an Android 10 issue ?.

Hard to say. In general bluetooth support in QGC has always beeen majorly flaky.

I stand corrected , made a mistake myself . I can confirm Bluetooth is working on android 9 ( Tablet) and 10 (Phone) .