Blue Robotics announces first stable release of ArduSub


By Rusty Jehangir

Today we’re happy to announce the first stable release of ArduSub. Today we’ve posted a “release candidate” that we would like you all test for the next few weeks until we can confirm it is stable. Most of the work completed here is thanks to Jacob, who officially joined our team recently!

ArduSub-v3.4-rc1 is the release candidate for ArduSub-v3.4. There are a few important changes and notes for this update, so please read the notes posted here. Most importantly, this update will wipe your parameters clean, so we recommend saving your parameters before update. This is a one-time change that we’re taking care of now.

Jacob made a quick tutorial video on Youtube that explains how to update the Pixhawk firmware to v3.4.

Please test this update and let us know if you have any feedback.

Moving forward, we’ll plan to release a new stable update every few months.


They are now on ArduSub-v3.4-rc2. Please download this latest version when you visit the release history.

Thanks for the post, Tom. We’re actually on release candidate 3 (rc3) right now. Looks like that will become the official release next week!

Hi Rusty,
Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
Np, always glad to support any Open Source effort that involves Ardupilot spinoffs.:slight_smile: