Blimp and other lighter than air vehicles?


I have not found any mention of blimps or balloon on this forum or in the wiki.

I was wondering if APM copter could be used with a blimp or balloon since they sort of move like an helicopter, except much more slowly.

I am interested in blimps because of their higher carrying capacity and their ability to hold altitude with a very low expenditure of energy.

I would like to have a blimp with a camera that circles around my home at 50 meters altitude and sends the video feed via a wifi downlink to my servers. I want to make this blimp come back to a landing area with a magnetic induction charging pad and then take off again when the battery is refilled.

I also would like to have a tethered blimp with a high gain antenna on a gimbald. The tether would supply electricity to the blimp. The blimp’s antenna would track a long range FPV glider.

Are those things possible with your autopilot ?

thanks !

We actually started this project with blimps (Blimpduino) and have planned to return to them someday (they’re great for education). Here’s the original project site: … st%3A44817