Blheli32 no active motors found

Hi everyone, I am new to this world, I’m trying to configure my ESC using passthrough. I’m using a black cube with ArduCopter 4.3.1.

Following the Ardupilot manual i have set these params:

MOT_PWM_TYPE - DShot150 (tested with DShot300 and 600 too)
SERVO1_FUNCTION - disabled
SERVO2_FUNCTION - disabled
SERVO3_FUNCTION - disabled
SERVO4_FUNCTION - disabled

My motors are connected to AUX 1-4.

When I try to use Blheli32Suite the following mensage is shown:
Initialization of serial 4way failed, no active motor outputs found!
Please select an apropiate motor output protocol in Ardupilot!

There is no way to get connected to the software(I need to set motor to bidirectional). I found some theads related to passthough issues but none of them fixed mine.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for your help!

After connection to Mission Planner on the Messages tab what does the RCOUT message say?

Maybe simplest thing first: confirm the ESC is connected to battery power. USB alone won’t do it.

The 1st question from the Bangalore based Tech Support call center. “Is the power cord connected sir?”


RCOut: PWM:1-8 DS300:9-12 PWM:13-14 (DShot protocol I set up before)

Battery is connected directly to ESC. If I use a servo tester motors spin, so I think this is working fine.

What ESC is it? Attach the parameter file.

ESC: MAMBA F55 4in1.
Here is the param file with MOT_PWM_TYPE=4 for DShot150
test.param (16.3 KB)
I have tried to modify SERVO_BLH_MASK (8-12) and SERVO_BLH_OTYPE with the same error in BLHeliSuite.

Those are not typically required but understandable that you are trying it when it’s not working. A suggestion that I have seen several times before. Set it to Dshot600 and try changing SERVO_DSHOT_RATE . Try all options.

Out of curiosity you said I need to set motor to bidirectional That is not common for Copter, what’s the use case?

This is for an omnicopter with 8 motors. But first of all the ESCs have to be set to bidirectional. I’m using a cube so there is only 6 dshot outputs, after configuration I’ll use MAIN outputs with PWM.

I will try your point as soon as possible, but right now i’m running out of ideas. I even try a betaflight passthrough with an older FC, so old it cannot be updated and passthrough is not supported in that version…


You need a Flight Controller capable of 8 Dshot outputs!

DShot is not mandatory once the esc is configured. It would be great to have 8 nice DShot outputs but cube has only 6 :cry:

After trying every single option, I have done it!!! There is something wrong with version Blheli Suite. I finally downloaded and it worked. But only with DShot600, not 150 either 300. It worked as it should:

Thanks for your help!

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