BLHeli32 ESC Telemetry Issues

Hey, I am currently trying to show ESC data in MissionPlanner. I have configured my ESCs in BLHeliSuite32, and when I use servo_blh_test I get this output on 3 out of 4 of my motors:

PreArm: Throttle below Failsafe
ESC: Prot 5 Good 196518 Bad 0 0 0 0 x0
ESC: BL_ReadBuf 16 → 19
ESC: BL_SendCMDSetAddress 0xEB00
ESC: BL_SendCMDSetAddress 0xEB00
ESC: BL_ReadBuf 256 → 259
ESC: BL_SendCMDSetAddress 0x7C00
ESC: Interface type imARM_BLB
ESC: BL_ReadBuf 8 → 9
Initialising APM
ESC: BL_ConnectEx 2/4 at 10
ESC: Running test on channel 2

The params I am running are as follows:
param1.param (18.8 KB)

I have the Rx Pin connected to GPS2 on a Cube Orange/+ which maps out to Serial4. I have set Serial4_Protocol = 16. I have also set Serial1_Protocol = 2 to enable Mavlink2. I thought as long as the tests passes like above I would have readings in MissionPlanner.

Can anyone point me into the right direction?