BlHeli32 cant find one motor

Hello, im setting a 4 motor drone and i have a problem. blheli32 cant find one motor out of 4 and pixhawk 4 gives it more pwm than other motors whenever i push the throttle stick up. You can find the image that shows my blheli32 settings. Any help would be appreciated!

Do not push the throttle stick up! that is not the proper way to test the motors. It gives invalid and unexpected results.

Use the motor test page of mission planner instead.

I was not trying to tell that. What I tried to tell is that in hover position, one of the motors has 150-200 pwm more than others, specifically motor4. Thanks for your reply!

Is the center of gravity also the geometrical center?

Is the weight evenly distributed on all 4 Motors?

Are the props undamaged?

Did you had a crash with motor4? Might it be damaged?

Swap once the props of 1 and 4. If the different motor speed does also swap, it is a problem with the prop. You can do the same with the mor and the esc.
But in most cases I had it was the problem with the orop.



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