Blheli passthrough on regular plane (not vtol)

Just built flying wing with Chibios version of plane on Omnibus F4 Pro v2 board. Managed to solder motor cables so motor spinning wrong way (and heat shrinked up), so - as its got an X-Rotor 30a micro ESC running blheli-s firmware, I figured I’d try blheli Passthrough - and even though I can get the blheli configurator to connect (followed guide in wiki) it won’t talk to the ESC to read the settings - we are talking about the pusher motor here (there are no VTOL motors on this wing), and in the video in wiki, Tridge mentions the vertical motors only. I have SERVO_BLH_AUTO = 1. also tried setting SERVO_BLH_MASK = 4 (as my pusher motor is on channel 3), but no joy seeing ESC in blheli config tool. Anyone ?

You wouldn’t by chance be trying to use the BLHeli32 configurator with the BLHeli_S ESC? Battery power applied before you hit the Read Setup button?

No, the 16bit configurator - I read the comments on this in the wiki (possibly actually just saw it in Tridge’s video). Good question though!

OK. I have both types of ESC’s and made that mistake once! I have had good luck with Passthrough but it has been with Copter. It sure is a convenience as I used to use a old Naze32 board just for ESC calibration.

Dave, That’s a great idea - I have an old Naze32 board (and a sparky v1) somewhere - Will definitely solve my problem - I take it you have betaflight (or cleanflight on your old Naze32 to do the passthrough? If so what version (not supported on newer versions I think - I don’t really use CF/BF hence the question).

Cheers, Paul

Edit: Got the old sparky fixed up with betaflight and was able to use passthrough no problems. A tad disappointed that Ardupilot didn’t come up trumps for me with blheli passthrough. Maybe still a work in progress - here’s hoping! I did try by reconfiguring servo3 (my motor) to be motor1 (VTOL) and even this didn’t work for me.

Great! As you figured out it does take on old version to work. I forget which but you got it working!!

I just picked the most recent version listed against Sparky v1 - cheers for your help.