BLheli passthrough bricking ESCs?

Hey all. I have quite a bit of experience with BLheli passthrough at this point and have noticed that it has a tendency to brick ESCs after an unsuccessful attempt to connect to BLHelisuite32. So far I’ve had the most success with Aikon ESC, which seem to always work, until yesterday. On first connect in BLhelisuite32 it only saw 3 ESC (on a 4 in 1). On second connect, it didn’t see any of the ESCs. I think this is the 3rd or 4th I’ve bricked, but the ones in the past were holybro or airbot brand. Any idea what causes this? It’s really frustrating to brick an expensive ESC.

Brick, as in if you try Betaflight its unrecoverable?

I don’t think I’ve ever bricked an ESC. I have had plenty that were a bit flaky with passthrough, but never bricked

Yea, unrecoverable even with a trusty old Betaflight FC.

I had similar issues (not bricking) with an Aikon 4in1 but at one point a PR merged and all has been good since. I have been running 4.1.0-Dev Bdshot, Dshot1200 for awhile now on a Matek H743-Mini board.

Even when I was doing passthrough development I was never able to truly brick an ESC. I’m pretty sure there is a bootloader which does not get touched by the firmware upload.

Interesting, I wonder why I can’t get mine to work at all? Do you have a special method for reviving them, or do they just work when you plug them into a betaflight FC?

I have just re-flashed even though they can’t be read


I have flashed the wrong firmware to ESC’s, way wrong, and been able to flash the right one right back.