BLHeli 32 via SBUS

Greetings! I did not find in the instructions how to connect an ESC controller to Pixhawk via S BUS (with BlHeli32 support.) It is necessary to connect 2 ESC.
In the latest version(32.8), added support for S.BUS input signal and S.PORT telemetry

I am using ESC DYS Aria 35A, with version 32.8

you need to enable SBUS out from the pixhawk first then set up each ESC for what channel they want to use. the only thing is I don’t think you will be able to configure them via blheli32 app via the flight controller in this configuration.

as for the s.port telemetry, thats only if your connecting the escs directly to a frsky receiver, your better still using blheli32 telemery mode for connecting to pixhawk.

Multiple devices (up to 16 it seems) the S BUS is connected via the “Y” hub, at least the servo. But in Mission Planner there are settings only for servo but not for ESC.

what esc settings are you looking for? as far as i know it just mirrors the main outputs.

I need Pixhawk setup instructions to use the BlHeli ESC via Sbus

as far as i know they will just act like servos, there isnt anything special on the pixhawk side. why do you want to use SBUS anyway?

It’s just out of curiosity). There are a couple of BlHeli wanted to experiment. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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