BLheli_32 ESC "standard" config for plane use, anyone?

Hi all,

i’m going to use a BLHeli_32 ESC with front motor. Since now i used zero-configuration stock ESCs, but now i would like to exploit some of the new BLheli possibilities, i.e. telemetry, in addition to tune it right for airplane use. Apart enabling telemetry, is there some common rules for plane? Ramp power? rpm filtering ? Once upon a time there were different firmwares (multirotor, heli…) is it still a thing?

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I’m using common BLHeli32 ESCs on 3 planes and never set anything specific, except direction, LED colour and startup music. I guess one thing one would activate specificly for planes as well is braking (which reminds me I still haven’t done that). And maybe turn “Low RPM Protection” off for low-kV motors. As for firmware, I don’t think it’s of any benefit to change anything from stock.

That’s just how I do it and it works well for me - but I never really looked into it in detail, so maybe there are advantages I’m not aware of.

same for me; it’s all about Direction (normal/ reversed) and Break (on/off).