BLHELI_32 ECS for slightly larger Hexa

In these days where everything gets bigger and bigger, a T900 hexacopter isn’t that big anymore, even at 7kg, but it is certainly bigger than the regular crafts that I use Blheli_32 ESC’s on (mainly 2-7 inch racers).
I am operating a heavily modified Tarot T900 for SAR use and it has recently gone through major service and a refit of the FC to a Cube Black (recently a Pixhawk1). I am running the latest FW4.0.4 and it is tuned quite well through the excellent Arducopter tining guide including setting up the notch filters (thanks Andy :slight_smile: ).

This is where I was playing with the idea to replace the Hobbywing Xrotor Pro 50A (DEO) esc’s with some good Blheli_32 ESC’s to get ESC telemetry. The Xrotor ESC’s have been really good with no desync issues, but to simplify the notch setup, ESC telemetry would be nice (at lest until we have FW4.1 with FFT-tracking).

Can this x-class blheli_32 esc be a good candidate for a 7kg T900 hexa swinging 17" propellers on Dualsky XM5015MR-7 340kv motors and 6 cells (of course fitted with more Low ESR caps)? Other options?

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i use APD 80F3 witch T-motor MN5008 kv400, 6S and 16" props. This ESC supports telemetry and the dshot protocol.

The APD ESCs look really good and I have looked at them also. The only reason for asking about the Iflight one, is that I can get it locally.
On the other hand, I think I like the APD most :slight_smile:

What are your experiences running these APD ESCs?

Regards Ronny

My experience - ESCs just work without problems, no desync. Telemetry works well, only current measurement is inaccurate at low currents, but for accurate measurement I have a power module with hall sensor.

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Hi @ronsand
I just installed the smaller brother ( SucceX 60A Plus BLHeli32 ESC) and have not flown it yet, however just from soldering it and setting it up with the BLheliSuite_32 it sure feels like a sturdy little bugger, though the soldering pads are a bit on the small size.

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