BLHeli_32 Current monitoring setup

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I’m using an Omnibus nano v6 and ori32 with 4.0.2. I have ESC telemetry working but am a bit confused on what it’s reading out. At first I enabled Auto Telemetry on all 4 ESC channels. This gave a readout of 30a in a hover which I knew must be wrong considering it’s a 900g quad with 7" props on 4s. I turned Auto Telemetry off on all channels except 1. Now in a hover it shows about 4a in a hover. Is that 4a total, or 4a per ESC? I’d expect to see something like 6 to 10a in a hover on an aircraft of this size from my past experience. Here’s a log 2020-02-12 16-26-40.bin (442.8 KB)

Any idea how I should read this? I’d be surprised if it was drawing 16amps in a hover. I’d also be surprised if it was only drawing 4amps in a hover.

Is this a 4:1 esc? Even if it was an aggregate number you should still only see about 16 to 20 total amps

What protocol are you running for your ESEs? When you turned on an auto telemetry what was the refresh rate?

Yes it’s a 4:1 ESC. According to it sounds like the 4a total in a hover is pretty accurate. I’m running the ESC on DSHOT150. The refresh rate in AP is the default. You can’t set up refresh rate on the ESC firmware as far as I know.

The BLHeli auto telemetry setting should be off on all ESC’s. If your looking at the ESC specific telemetry that is per ESC. If you have setup the BLHeli telemetry battery monitor setup that sums the current and averages the voltage from all ESC’s.

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Thanks for the info! So if I have the BLamps displayed on the onboard OSD and it’s displaying 4amps, is that for a single motor or the total for all 4 motors?

ah, OSD, looks like it’s just be the current from the first esc. If you want total you can setup the battery monitor for blheli and have that current displayed on the OSD. I’m afraid I don’t no a huge amount about OSD’s.

I wasn’t aware that you could set battery monitoring to blheli. I tried it out, but it doesn’t seem to actually display in the HUD or OSD.

Right click on the HUD and select User Item. There you can select ESCx_CURR to display in HUD.

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