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Blank flight mode, safety config, controller tuning

(ronyv13+) #1


I have been trying to set up pixhawk on qgroundcontrol for fixed wing. I am having problems with flight modes;

  1. First I set up the firmware
  2. I select plane (HilStar, Xplane) from the simulation setup (aircraft confg.)
  3. Mag calibration and gyro calibration is done
  4. Radio calibration - I can not do but the preset values remain ( i had earlier set up the same pixhawk on qgroundcontrol for plane in aircraft conf.)
  5. Flight config, safety config and control tuning are blank - nothing is visible.

Now i can run the simulation and it communicates with Xplane but from the controller, I am not able to switch between manual and auto modes; i have to manually set it from control widget.

Can anyone help or has had similar issues with qgroundcontrol. I want to test the pixhawk in xplane and switch between manual and auto (using the controller)



(Bill Bonney) #2

Using APM for HIL simulation in QGroundControl is likely to not work as it pretty much unmaintained.