Blank EKF and VIB monitor screens

I am trying to use the new EKF and Vibration monitor widgets.
I have downloaded and compiled V2.0.19(rc4) today on a fresh installed Ubuntu 15.10 system.

Project MESSAGE: Qt version 5.4.2
Project MESSAGE: Linux build x64_86
Project MESSAGE: Release flavor
Project MESSAGE: BASEDIR /home/hoek/AP2_github/apm_planner DESTDIR /home/hoek/AP2_github/apm_planner/release TARGET apmplanner2
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for QUpgrade
Project MESSAGE: Using mavlink + ardupilotmega
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for OpenSceneGraph
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for Google Earth
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for Protocol Buffers
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for libfreenect
Project MESSAGE: Adding ALGLIB /home/hoek/AP2_github/apm_planner/libs/alglib
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for XBee
Project MESSAGE: Skipping support for Opal-RT
Project MESSAGE: QTDIR /usr

Everything looks fine (except for the frequent crashes/coredumps (another problem? I think I will report this in an other topic)) but the EKF and Vibration monitor remains empty (white), that is, no bars or text as expected. See attachment.

Scaling or moving the monitor widgets windows does not change the view.
When I graph the EKF and VIB data I see that the data is available. (ArduCopter 3.3.1)
Perhaps this is just my error (I hope) but than I need some assistance…

There is an issue that needs to be fixed. If you build to code from source the issue doesn’t happen :frowning:

I post an update when the fix has been made.

Bill, Thanks for your quick responce!

I do not understand what you mean when building the code from the source I should not have this issue. Is when I use “git clone” something else as building from the source?

Further I took a look at the startup-logging and I see why the EKF and VIB monitors don’t work because of missing or incomplete qml-code:
VibrationMonitor.qml:54:9: Type BarGauge unavailable BarGauge
BarGauge.qml:2:1: module “QtQuick.Controls” is not installed

I am not in a hurry, so a can wait for the fix.
Thanks again.

I have fixed this for OSX so far. Linux is still a Work In Progress … b6_osx.dmg

Hey Bill. Maybe you know this already, the problem went away when I copied the QtQuick.2 and QtQuick directories into the same dir as the executable (same as what you did on the Windows side).

Sorry to open this topic again.
For me this problem still isn’t solved ( on Ubuntu 16.04/16.10). Lately I built AP2 from the latest source.
Is this problem solvable?

@carpy offered a solution more than a year ago, but I don’t understand how to implement this solution.
Is there something I can do? Is this perhaps a video driver issue? Is there a simple Qt-test I can run?

Are there Linux users without this problem?

I see the problem (just can’t remember what the fix is right now).

Can you open a bug please?

Try installing package qml-module-qtquick-controls and let me know if that solves the problem.
$ sudo apt-get install qml-module-qtquick-controls

Thanks! that did the trick.

Although AP2 now shows the the VIB/EKF bars, only the VIB bars are working/moving. The EKF bars does not show or move or show the (correct) num value. On the graph I see the EKF data between 0 and 1 when I roughly move my multirotor.
But that is a different problem…

It’s probbaly the messages for the EKF have changed and the code needs to be updated to reflect that

I found 2 typos in src/comm/VehicleOverview.h (line 86 and 224).
After the change it looks like its working now as expected.

I created a pull request (my first one, so please correct/help me if I did it wrong)
[two typo correction to correct EKF monitor functioning #1011]

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Nice! I was going to take a look and now I don’t have to…