Bipolar brushless motor

I’m trying to build an RC boat with a pixhawk and a brushless motor with PWM controlled ESC

The ESC is set to forward and backward PWM mode, and works fine with the pixhawk in manual mode and MOT_PWM_TYPE set to normal.

But I doesn’t know if autopilot will know that PWM in range 900 - 1500 is for backward, and 1500 1900 for forward.

I tried to set MOT_PWM_TYPE to BrushedBiPolar, but the pwm output is out of range…

Should I use MOT_PWM_FREQ parameter to change the frequency ?

Set it back to standard PWM and default will be neutral at 1500.

Autopilot will increase/decrease above and below 1500 to move backward and forward ?

Yes, default action with Rover. Of course the ESC has to be setup for bidirectional (Fwd/rev) but you said that it was.

whats your escs dude