Bing satellite vs Google satellite: 1-meter Offset

I’ve noticed that if I load up a series of waypoints and view them on Bing satellite imagery, the map has about a 1 meter longitude shift when I switch to Google imagery. So which data set is more accurate? Or is it a bug in the way the API for one of them is being used?

both are as bad as each other. one way I would confirm is to turn on roads

One meter out is hardly an issue, if you want accuracy better than that best break out the sonar/vision based systems.

Not exactly the answer I was looking for. I know that road data can be out of date. I happen to have access to a formal driving track that police use to practice driving. The area is about 300 meters on a side with no trees. Nice serpentine roads and all. It shows up beautifully in the aerial imagery. But it appears that the drawing between the two data sets is offset. It’s almost as though one data set was WGS84 and the other is NAD27.

I was just wondering if there’s a bug in the drawing.