.bin File - Change flight location

Due privacy issues is it practical to change the gps flight location in a .bin or .log file?
If so which lines need changing and what format is the location stored in? HEX?
My file editor doesn’t list a .bin file by line. Anyone got one that does?
Any help appreciated!

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Press ctr-f and look for a buttom called Anon LOG. It will change the gps path on your log file by a random offset.

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Thanks for the reply but it converts it to a .log file and I would like to keep it as a .bin.

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That’s the only method exposed for users at the moment. If you want something else, you’ll have to write the code.

Here’s where most of the heavy lifting takes place in the existing method:

Here’s where most of the heavy lifting takes place in the existing method
Thanks Yuri_Rage but unfortunately that’s a bit above my payscale. :smile:

No can do from a mouse click like MP does. If for whatever reason you must have a .bin log w/o GPS position them uncheck GPS in the Log_bitmask.

Log is identical to bin, just converted to human readable format.

Thanks for pointing that out!
The common practice is to post a .bin file on the forum so if you want to hide your location post a Anon LOG converted .log file instead??

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That is also common practice. Some will complain depending on what tool they are using to view the logs.

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The only downside seems that you can’t doo FFT plots with an Anon LOG file??

Right. So you are on your own configuring that.
Or just disable GPS logging. The choices you have are clear.