Big Y6B wants to flip on takeoff after moving sticks

Hello guys. I wonder if anyone else has this problem with 3.2.1? The problem does not exist in 3.1.5 and is not due to RCMAP - My mapping is standard with throttle on RC3 and just to be sure I have also set my rc_min and rc_max values to be the same for RC1 trough 4.

What happens is if I ARM the copter and spool up the motors a little (in stabilise) and give any form of input for pitch or roll and then center the sticks again (not taking off) the motors do not all return to the same speed again. Even after dropping the throttle, disarming and rearming again once I move the throttle the motors on one side will spool up faster than the rest and if I try to take off the drone simply wants to flip over. Looking at the raw sensor view it is as if the motors that spool up in order to change the pitch or roll sticks to the high position and does not seem to return to normal again causing the motors on one side to spool up rapidly as if to try and change the angle of the drone even though there no longer is any input from the radio asking it to do so.

Once the battery is disconnected and reconnected the motors behave normally again as long as no pitch or roll input is given and released. Problem is very similar to the channel mapping problem mentioned in the “known issues” section but only happens if I try to alter the pitch or roll prior to takeoff. However if you get the drone in the air everything is fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem and were you able to fix it?