Big Sprayer Hexa Alt issues

Testing a hexa spraying platform, running Copter 3.5.3.
When I engage the pump on ch7, LIDAR (LW20 serial) readings drop to 0 and the copter starts gaining alt, disabling the pump all back to normal.
Pump system consists of DC motor and DC ESC.
Link to BIN attached.
Any ideas?

I just noticed that the wiring might be compromising the data coming from LW20.
Here is a point of intersection between power cables going to the pump and serial cable coming from the lidar.

Seems like a false alarm, after seeing some other logs, I am sure the LW20 lidar is reading the beam reflected from the spray. Therefore I might need a solution for getting access to reading #2(last) of the LW20 instead of #1(first), if anybody has a clue, please let me know.