Big drone - as my paraglider drive - What equipment will be best for my unusual project?

Hello everyone again!!!
I want to return to my unusual project from a few years ago. Due to the problems, I would like to do everything in small steps from the beginning, so I will tire you - professionals here a bit.

First, the choice of equipment
Assumptions :

  1. Resistance to high interference (high drive power)
  2. Good quality of components
  3. GPS +/- 1.5m maximum ( for RTL function )

Let me remind you that the drone serves as a paragliding drive (like a backpack) - and takes me to an altitude of 300-400m AGL where it is dropped and returns home alone.

20kg drone / Motors 4 x 3000W (30" propellers)

What equipment would you recommend for this project?

Here is my 100% working model but need do it in full scale.


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I find your project very interesting, and I would like to ask from your experience with the model ; what would be the advantages of using a paramotor setup like yours for humanitarian cargo delivery to remote areas that are say 50 to 100km as compared to a traditional quadplane for example.

And how practical is it, to have something like it do a vertical take off capability, and have it follow a flight path to a distanation, and do a vertical landing (using such as braking or something like that).