Big 2.2 Meter flying wing project using Quadplane, 4+2 VTOL

Just wanted to show off the easy work here. i decided to convert one of my big flying wings to VTOL, was super easy. Shout out the great work from all of the qplane devs.

2.2 meter wingspan, 7 AR.
No idea what kind of flight time i’ll get but currently running 1.8kg AUW.
4 2205 hover motors and 2 of the same 2205 forward flight motors. 6x4 props on 4s.

Here’s my progress:

Big advocate for seperate hover and forward flight motors :slight_smile:

Kind of lost as to what else I want to do with this plane. It seems very reliable from the couple of flights i’ve done on it, maybe i’ll see what i can do with autopilot flights. I’ve always been interested in seeing what I could do with mapping so maybe i’ll turn to there.