Bidirectional Dshot for Pixhawk 2.4.8

Hi, I am using a Pixhawk 2.4.8 clone with Favorite FVT Little Bee Spring 30A 2-6S ESC. I uploaded v4.3.0 bidshot version of arducopter and enabled bidirectional dshot options. The ESC are connected to AUX ports but for some reason they do not send any telemetry. The path-through also does not work. I had to use a different controller to upload bluejay firmware on my ESC. Nevertheless, I can fly my drone when RPM notch filter is set to the throttle control option (default). It does not work with ESC RPM option.


Post your parameter file.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Please see the configuration file enclosed
ardupilot_param.param (15.1 KB)

Has anybody got a clue how to configure bidirectional Dshot to work on Pixhawk?

There is not a Bdshot version of firmware for the Pixhawk1
Current version available

I was trying to use Pixhawk1-1M-bdshot version that should work with bidirectional Dshot. Is this right?

It’s not the correct firmware for those 2.4.8’s but yes it should work for Dshot. You will lose other features due to it being a version for 1M flash boards.

However, it does not work as expected - no telemetry from ESC. Is there any chance to run a bidirectional dshot on pixhawk 2.4.8 ? Are there any special settings to make it work properly or should I just accept that bidirectional dshot is not supported?

Set these back back to default (0), not needed:
Try Dhot600 rather than 150.

What does the banner message say in the Messages screen when you connect about the output protocol? The message starts with RCOUT… In fact post a screen shot of the messages screen after connection and this message is showing.

If it doesn’t work then consider replacing the Flight Controller with a branded FC. Not a generic like ReadytoCrash, HobbyPower, PX4, etc.

i trying pixhawk1 firmware not work esc rpm
but pixhawk1-1m-bdshot work esc rpm

why not bdshot in pixhawk1 firmware ?

@dkemxr @andyp1per

Because no-one has written it