Bicopter tiltwing

Hi, I’m starting to build a bicopter,
BUT, I’ve seen some v-22like frames, some tail sitters, but no both at the same time.
The classic bicopter tiltrotor has a big problem with pitch authority, but I was wondering if I can rotate the whole wing with the motor fixed to it, so I can use the control surfaces of the wing to control the pitch using the propwash on the wing to generate moment.
The wing doesn’t have a 2 position, but it is servo actuated to tilt from 0 to 110 degrees.
After takeoff switching to 0° for level flight like a normal two-engine aircraft.
This type of control is possible with current ardupilot?
When I finish cad i can post some photos to make the whole concept more clear

constraint (3)
this is a crude schematic, but it’s symmetrical and indipenedt on both sides

Hey Alessandro,

I’m not sure I fully understand your question, however going from the gif you posited it is possible to do this with a quadplane, you simply need to adjust the servo end-points when assigning the servo_n function to tilt-rotor in the parameters. I suggest using analogue servos it gives you more fine control of the servo range (digital servos are usually limited to +/- 60º, so you need to be careful with placement)

The other consideration is the actual torque a servo can provide. Ensure that the centre of mass of the wing is as close as possible to the axis of rotation of the servo, to keep the moment of inertia as low as possible.

Good luck!

Thank you for your suggestion.
I’ll try to explain better, besides the classic bicopter vectored tilting, I want to use during hover the control surfaces of the main wings (“vertical” during hovering) to create momentum to control pitch. As far as I know, Bicopers are really sensitive to CG position