Bicopter settings help please..!

Copter 4.1.5 - set to Frame class 10 (Bi-copter)
Can I beg some advice please?
I’m building a bi-copter based on the Matek F765 WSE FC and am having trouble:

  • Pitch control makes the tilt servos go in opposite directions to each other, which I’m guessing is wrong. If i reverse one, they both reverse.
  • Yaw only works when Armed and throttle raised - is this correct?, but tilt servos move in the same direction, which again seems wrong?
  • The servos jitter all over the place when motor throttle is raised - even without props fitted.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated! I’ve built a few quadcopters without too much hassle, but I’m struggling with this bi-copter (especially as there’s precious little info out there about setting them up)5 24-02-2022 21-41-37.bin (546.2 KB)

I’ve now managed to configure everything so that the servos tilt correctly. Mostly by trial and error!

I am also working on a bicopter and have just come to this issue. What was your fix for this. Did you make a change to a parameter or did you change rc mapping on you transmitter?