Bicopter progress printed frame

Making some progress on my printed frame.

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I think the realflight model of this is merged now/

On the rev1 design Peter indicated i needed about 20 % more control surfaces, He was right so i printed new ones taller. the new flaps gave me the control i need. Thanks!

Hi Brandon! Do you have a thread for the internals of your VTOL?

I can upload my Parameters is this what yo mean or what hardware am i using.

What hardware and a build thread if you have it? Is this design on thingiverse?

Let me post here. I am running a mRo zero classic flight controller, Dshot ESC’s 35 amp. Gartt 960 KV motors, 915 Sik radio, servos, 4s Battery and 9" propellers.

The frame is hand made in plastic printed hobby grade. I should have the realflight model on the Git soon just need to have it reviewed.

PS when i build a new one I can document the process.

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