BiCopter no tuning tab

Running into an issue with a BiCopter I’m building and having a lot of frustration with it. I updated the firmware to 4.3.0 on an original cube black and now I don’t have the tuning tab anymore. IM also running into an issue where once I get the craft to hover speed pitch goes crazy as if the craft is trying to move it in the opposite direction needed. The bicopter I’m building is slightly different as I’m not moving the motors themselves but vanes under the motors. The few times I actually had it flying I know I needed to swap the vane control servos but after rebuilding after an ESC burnout I havnt been able to get this aircraft flying anymore. IM on a bit of a time crunch and need as much help as possible.

I’ve never built a bicopter before but I have had similar issue with tabs in mission planner missing.

My issue was that my frame class and type parameters were not set. Check those and see to that they are set correctly for your bicopter type. Maybe the firmware update messed with them and made them reset or something.

Regarding behavior, a .bin log file is needed for anyone to be able to give support

Not familiar with Bicopter either but are you using ArduCopter or ArduPlane? If the later then Q_ENABLE to 1 (refresh) and Q_FRAME_CLASS to 10 and the QP Extended Tuning Page will light right up.

Bicopter and Balance Bot are the Red Headed Stepchildren of Ardupilot :wink:

Using Arducopter since that had a bi-copter already part of the frame choice. I also noticed that if I choose different frames I get my tuning tab back, just weird in that I had it on older versions but I have no idea which version it was.
As far as adding a .bin log how do I do that as its saying the file is to large. Needs to be under 4.4mb and this log is 4mb

Put in cloud storage somewhere (dropbox, etc) and post a link to it.