Better Options for Newbie Questions?

HI Folks, is there a better forum/way for newbies to get insights from more experienced folks vs. posting here? I’ve noticed that general questions even with logs, etc. provided are not addressed (either ignored or maybe there’s just noone on this forum to answer). Not just mine, I’ve seen a large number of questions that just sit with no help offered. Maybe this is the kind of thing where a local club is better? Maybe there is a different forum more tuned towards beginners? I certainly don’t want to pester anyone so some direction would be great.


Answering my own question in case others have the same one. DIY Drones forums are more active and have more folks willing to chime in with ideas. Check out that area for assistance if you have difficulties here.

I sympathize with your frustration. These forums had a better response rate in the past.

What I believe has happened is that the shear volume of newbies has overwhelmed the goodwill of experienced folks who got tired of looking things up in the Wiki for lazy flyers. It is all in the Wiki. Somewhere.

Caveat: It would be helpful if the Wiki pages were dated better. I got frustrated reading topics that were years out of date, only to find that the old information no longer helped my problem.

After 2 years I’m into my 3rd Pixhawk machine and loving it. Be assured that you are in the right place and the learning curve gets better.

Yep, I think you’ve nailed it. I just “scratch” built my first true “drone”. It’s an Alien X 450 sized frame. Arducopter 2.8 flight controller, generic everything else, and a camera gimbal I threw together from the robot parts bin. I’m amazed at how well everything works. The biggest frustration for me is simply the massive bug with the APM software and/or my board and/or my Mac and/or some combination. Per my other post - it’s tough to learn when the software randomly blows away settings.

My RTFHawk is in the mail!!! I can’t wait. I have a 500 frame waiting for it.