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Better motor controller support and documentation for rover


Better motor controller support and documentation for rover

Proposal type: Hardware [ ] , Software [X] , Other [ ] : _________________


On rover, we support a bunch of type of controller. Some of them like roboclaw or sabertooth, are high feature controller supporting close loop control and speed input.
My proposal is to bring support for more mode on roboclaw serie, specially serial output and speed control and make an abstraction class for those kind of controller.
The second part of the proposal is to update the wiki information on how to use those mode.
I will also make a page on why to avoid too cheap controller like L298N with ardupilot

I don’t need hardware as I already own a roboclaw controler and a rover.

Planned amount $$ (USD): 450

Estimated time for completion:

2 weeks on best effort basis

I’m a bit uneasy about it. I think that there’s a need, I’m just not sure that the partners would see it as a priority, and am worried that some other developers might start putting price tags on pieces of work that they otherwise wouldn’t.
I’d like to see some community feedback on this one, and if there are any relevant open issues either on the codebase or wiki, please link them in here.

I am withdraw my proposal as it is a too much complex task to bring up for now

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