Better method to calibrate oneshot125 esc with pixracer

I hope I’m not calibrating well the esc, I try to follow standard wiki calibration instructions but safety button led not stay solid, it’s blink faster and no tones, MP instructions I’m not shure if Im understanding well when says unplug and them re plug usb, I have to reconnect MP? I try different methods but not correct beeps too, Can someone clarificate me better MP steps to try again?
(sorry, english isn’t my native language and, perhaps I’m not understandig something I hope.

From what I understand there is an issue with calibrating oneshot ESC’s on fireware 3.4. Maybe one of the devs can chime in but I suspect you will have to wait for a patch before you can calibrate your one shot esc’s.

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move to mot pwm type 0 and all looks works now, the beeps and the uniform motor start, when I can I check flying

Yes, I check everything suggested and nothing works except changing to 0

I think it is a bug and the devs are looking into it.

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