Beta updates not downloading right now

I’ve been trying to download and install the latest beta updates of mission planner this morning. The update process is hanging here:

And after about 5 minutes, it ends up here:

Odd as I have updated twice today. Once after your preveous post just because I was reminded of it and just now. It installed this version:

What version do you have? Nevermind, I can see it in your screenshot.

Yepp, it is working.

I’ve reinstalled Mission Planner - and tried to update again. Still getting stuck at the same place.

I’ve done these updates before - I’m wondering if there’s some sort of Windows 10 setting that needs to be fixed.

Did you delete the existing version and chase down and delete all it’s reference files before re-installing? Just a thought.

Thanks Dave -

Yes - I deleted everything I could think of. The I just went to the firmware directly and downloaded the “latest” version - fixed me right up.

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