[Beta Test Invitation] SIYI Gimbal & ArduPilot Integration: Time & GPS

I can do that and it does work, but I also want to be able to use it with MNT1_RC_RATE = 0 so it will work with my head tracker.

@timtuxworth i had the same issue. i installed the gimbal drone -style - camra on the botton. it fixed the bobbinh motion but now with the rate=0 the range of motion is not what i wanted - the photos show the min and max potitionl interesting thought that from mission pkanner in payload control tab it behaves as expected


I have not investigated this but I suspect the bobbing is related to the gimbal being mounted upside-down from the regular orientation (e.g. “regular” is with the camera below the vehicle).


I have seen this issue with mine too, although the camera was mounted in the regular orientation (below the drone).

Thanks Randy - I’ve mounted it “upside down” now (underneath the vehicle) - it does seem better.


I’d like to use the SiYi FPV app to control my A8 Mini, I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of the app and it runs, but it says it’s "disconnected’. How do I connect it to the camera. There is nothing in the manual that explains this.

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If you didn’t change A8 mini’s IP addresses, please just choose SIYI Camera 1 in the IP addresses settings

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I have drifting issues with A8 mini camera even with a stationary indoor test:

  1. The copter is just standing still at a table
  2. At the beginning camera is looking forward
  3. Then I pitch it with RC maximally downward (-90 deg) and release RC stick
  4. Camera starts slowly drifting upward few degrees, but still reports -90deg
  5. Then I pitch it with RC to look forward and release RC stick
  6. Camera starts slowly drifting downward few degrees, but still reports constant pitch

So, even such a simple test gives some drifting. Though the gimbal’s gyro is calibrated.

Also, you may notice episodical small sharp jumps of the video (left-right, up-down, several pixels), though the gimbal is not shaking. Looks like smth connected with the camera, not with the gimbal.

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What gimbal mode was it? Follow / Lock / FPV?
Please confirm if the flight controller attitude is successfully integrated. Gimbal indicator blinks twice green.

Lock mode, blinks twice green.

Please try to integrate flight attitude under lock mode only
We haven’t optimize the performance of flight attitude integration under other modes yet

It is under lock mode!

My mistake, I mean Follow mode

It really is me, who misunderstood. The gimbal is in Follow mode for Yaw, and in Lock mode for Roll & Pitch. In any case, the video provided was done with copter standing still on the ground.

Hi @SIYI - any update on the ZR10 testing for this?

The offical firmware update will be released in turns for the existing models. So, there will be no more testing firmware for this purpose.

The official firmware has started releasing from ZT30.
The beta test invitation has ended.
Thank you very much for joining the tests.

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Pardon me,

Does the latest version of ArduPilot support this ability to send time and GPS data to the SIYI gimbal for photo attributes?

Yes, I believe so
Please feel free to move to the discussion of the specific SIYI gimbal