Beta release 3.0 RC1


I do not know if this is the good place to post comments about the new 3.0 beta release.

I tryed rel 3.0 on 2 multis (a quadX “GAUI 500X” and a Hex “S800”) this week end. The weather was nice with nearly no wind.

There is an improvement when activating loiter. The motors do not stop anymore briefly when throttle is not just at “hovering” position. This is nice.

However I have a strange behavior on both multis when in RTL mode. The copters do not turn to face the direction of the point of landing (witch is not in itself a real problem, just confusing a bit) but when approaching the point of descent, it reacts very aggressively (over-compensating and going backward briefly but very hardly, even giving the impression it would flip). This is quite impressive, mainly with the large multi :wink:.

When loadind the version 3.0, I just maintained the same PID’s parameters than those used with 2.9.1

Is this a problem or did I forget to adapt something?



May you check out the new navigation speed settings, so you can adjust the speeds for the autopilot in cm/sec