BETA Release: 2.0.26-rc1 has been released of APM Planner 2.0

A new BETA version of APM Planner 2.0 has been released. You can download prebuilt install packages from the link below

2018-02-19 8b66bf1 Bill Bonney build: Update to 2.0.26-rc1  (HEAD -> beta, tag: 2.0.26-rc1, upstream/master, upstream/beta, master)
2015-10-02 1dd5e80 Tomaz Canabrava Several small fixes 
2017-12-20 942f3e4 Dino Hüllmann COMMS: Fixed wrong host string for UDP connection 
2017-12-20 af6b044 Dino Hüllmann Flightplan: Introduced GraphicsItem base class for graphics items on map 
2018-01-23 ff5e351 Arne-W Build: Enabled c++ 11 support for all plattforms 
2018-01-25 9eb3a1f André Kjellstrup Info View: fix set speed 
2018-01-22 a9663f2 Arne-W Graph View: Added handling of soft / hard NaNs for float and double values in flash logs. Fixes #1067 
2018-01-22 22d8370 Arne-W Graph View: Better handling of load progress window. Does not log a cancel message anymore even if it was not canceled. 
2018-01-22 a2e94ff Arne-W Param Setup: Added some output to the log which was only shown on gui. 
2017-12-15 83d96d7 Dino Hüllmann Flightplan: Removed if-statement before delete in opmapcontrol (since deleting a null-pointer is a nop) 
2017-12-14 9d9c69a Dino Hüllmann Replaced nullptr by 0 
2017-12-14 5ec23fb Dino Hüllmann Flightplan: Put opmapcontrol object files in extra directory 
2017-12-14 8867ddf Dino Hüllmann Flightplan: Virtual destructor required for inheritance in opmapcontrol 
2017-12-14 f1eff39 Dino Hüllmann Flightplan: Fixed memory leaks in opmapcontrol 
2017-12-14 258d654 Dino Hüllmann Flightplan: Fixed project files and removed unused includes in opmapcontrol 
2017-11-11 9910ae2 Arne-W GraphView: Unchecked index lead to crash on empty logs. 
2017-10-31 d9b2750 Arne-W GraphView: Logparser can handle multiple flights in one log now. Fixes #1041 
2017-10-28 dd33153 Arne-W GraphView: Graphs with only one point will be handled correctly now. Fixes #1071 
2017-10-28 1df5ee2 Arne-W GraphView: Migrated to new qcustomplot version 2.0.0 
2017-10-29 6286fd9 Arne-W Improved path handling of pdef.xml 
2017-11-11 18a8746 Bill Bonney Update 
2017-10-26 6fc419e Peter Barker Update ArduPlane config files, add for Rover and Copter 
2017-10-26 67afba5 Peter Barker Avoid downloading deprecated apm.pdef.xml 
2017-10-26 42a83ca Peter Barker Vagrantfile: update for new dependencies 
2017-11-04 cdcb390 André Kjellstrup Map: added Eniro as map for Norway,Sweden,Finland,Denmark,Poland 
2017-09-14 3f35d75 jtuchek fix CAM_DIST_TRIG label from  to 
2017-08-22 46092ae RiccardoBe Update 
2017-06-20 89a626a Lars Kellogg-Stedman build cleanups and bugfixes 
2017-07-23 7770d4a Arne-W GraphView: Fix SaveView bug where current view was not saved correctly