Best way to test survival of Coaxial X8 in the air

Just wanted to share how in my stupidity I found out my X8 stayed in the air on 4 props only… not a story of greatness to say the least…

I have decided to add my quad retractable landing gear from Foxtech. Very nice.

Drilled the undercarriage set everything and checked on the bench, perfect.

Next day, live test at the field and pressing the radio ch9 and up they go… I am sure you all could hear all over the world the crashing sound of my four lower 15x5 props hitting those new legs :rofl: .

However except for a small shake of the shoulder for a split second the big boy stayed up there.

Lesson learned, better QA :wink:


Oh my gosh…that is a great story!!! Glad it was only the props.

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