Best way to show moving icons on map?

I would like to display moving icons (runners) on the mission planner map. What would be the best way? Is there any way to do this without modifying the source?

currently there is no easy way,

you could use adsb signals to fake the runners, but they will appear as planes

what is the source data format? and how often is it updated?

Thanks Michael.

The data is being updated from devices onto a sql server and I can write software to convert it to any format or interface.

Plane icons will look a bit strange :slight_smile: maybe it’s easy for me to modify the mp source to show circles in stead of planes?


have a look at the plugin interface.

you should be able to direct query the sql server and display the results using a MP plugin

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Thanks Michael, that does seems to be the way to go. Unfortunately my C# is not # enough… Do you know of anyone that will help me with this at a fee? It’s for a (potential) commercial application and I have a modest budget to pilfer.

will you have a stable connection to the sql server?

i might be able to help depending on how complex it is.

here is a good sql connection example

also do you have the sql query used to pull the data?

Hi Michael

Thanks for the offer and sorry for the delay, I went home having a good think about it and decided it might be better to include the drone telemetry on a separate platform that I’ll develop, in stead of having the people show on mission planner. This way I can publish it on a web site for easy consumption.