Best way to connect Pi to Pixhawk 1

On the Ardupilot Wiki it shows hooking a Pi up to telemetry 2. On the UAVmatrix site it shows hooking it up on telemetry 2 or the usb port. I’m currently using the usb port. Pixhawk is powered by a power module plus the servo rail is powered by 5.6 volts so the pixhawk could fail over to servo rail power if the power module fails. The Pi is also powered itself with a 10 amps BEC. I have done extensive bench testing using UAVcast, like probably 6 hours, and have also had the boat on the water for about 4 hours and all is well. Is there any disadvantage to using the usb port over telemetry 2? I’ll throw in a video for fun.

Please excuse the moaning while I’m putting the boat in the water. On my knees and lifting 20 pounds in an awkward position.


Really nice.

I gave up the idea of connecting odroid to pixhawk. Didn’t have enough time to do it. Congratulations.

I finally managed to get the boat going on auto mod. Only tuning the arm throttle setting. Rest I used your parameters and they worked great!

I have been testing over 3 hours. Battery died so i went home. FC just restarts itself.

When it saw the object(pool fences) it made reverse and turned it self. All was well. Gps was somewhat good (7 sats clouds)

I had a big lesson. Gps unit was the most overlooked item. Esc pixhawk motors replaced shafts etc everything worked well, compasses etc etc.

But the gps… I should have bought the m8n instead of the m6 ublox. And if I knew… Only knew, I would buy 2 units for blending…

Speed was very stable. I was expecting errors. Gps was nicely locked. It was quite accurate.

I hope during the summer I will have free time and perfect the project all tunings settings etc.

Thanks for the help! I saw 40Amp draw on highest speeds(manual mode) and I am shocked. Those small 12v motors consume a lot. I learned a lot during the processes. Autonomous RC stuff is not easy especially for someone who never used an RC before. I can’t imagine copper plane etc… Too much for me!

Peace out

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Im glad to see you are satisfied with UAVcast.
I have performed comprehensiv testing on both GPIO and USB connections when developing UAVcast and never seen any diffrence between those two. I like the latter best as it is far more easier to use and gives a neat and clean look.

Please keep posting your videos, i want to build a LTE boat myself for fun.

Thanks for your reply. All is well.

My big concern is if the Pi’s power supply fails is my Pixhawk going to brown out so that I don’t have the ability to try and make connection with my RFD 900’s. I have bench test this and the Pi will power the Pixhawk if only the Pi has power and it looks like the Pixhawk will power the Pi if there is no power to the Pi. I may be incorrect and need to look further because when I had the Pi with no power the fan I put on the GPIO was running with the Pixhawk powered but I am not sure if the Pi was fully powered or the modem was on. My big concern is power fail overs. Just trying to prevent the loss of an expensive boat. Or having to paddle miles to try and save it. :wink: