Best version of Windows for mission planner?

Since my MacBook Pro no longer supports the 3dr radio, I’ve decided to get a cheap windows laptop. I was wondering which version of Windows is the most stable when running mission planner

I can’t say for certain which is the most reliable but I can tell you that I run Mission Planner on my Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1 x64 and my old Dell laptop that runs Windows 8 x64 and on they’ve been reliable. Reliable in that I have never had Mission Planner crash out or hang that I can recall.


thanks for the 411

I just got a windows 8.1 64x dell i3 laptop. I installed the driver indicated on the ardupilot website. I get a solid green light on my telemetry module (both air and ground) but when I attempt to load settings on the 3dr page in MP, I get an invalid port message. I made sure that the amp was being powered via the APM power module and the usb cable is not connected. In the windows control panel, it says the device is working properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check your COM port assigned by the extensible USB host controller in the control panel. When your AP or TLM transceiver is connected, a COM port should be listed in the device manager. This is best seen thusly: Window Key & X> and select device mgr.

My surface 3 has no problems interfacing with my 3DR’s Pixhawk AP.