Best to engage autotune from AltHold or Loiter?

Going through the documentation for autotune it states that a better result can be had from engaging it from AltHold vs. Loiter. Does this still hold true @rmackay9 ?


If I remember well, calling from Loiter makes the UAV perform autotune moves perpendicular to wind, so you have a better probability of getting better results when compared to AltHold.

I think Leonard’s advice was to start from AltHold, and Autotune should do a very loose position hold so the copter doesn’t just run away - but I’ve done Autotune from Loiter many times with no discernible difference. As far as I can tell Autotune is it’s own mode and doesnt tune in the mode you started from.


Thanks for the input! In my experience if you engage from AltHold there is no position holding during autotune. If you engage from Loiter, there is a weak position hold.