Best time interval for sending MANUAL_CONTROL ( #69 )

Anyone knows what is the best time interval to send commands for MANUAL_CONTROL ( #69 ).

I understand you need a interval of 1second to be constantly sent to maintain the altitude in Alt_hold and Pos_hold

But what is the best interval to send command? 100ms? 300ms? 500ms? How fast would Ardupilot read and process each command? it can’t be 1second I assume.

Hi, I understand the best interval is no interval at all. But due to network restriction, preventing latency and lag. And affecting other telemetry from being sent between GSC and the Ardupilot, it certainly would be best to send in a interval time.

I am looking at the best time that doesn’t affect the sensitivity of the control between remote control and the ardupilot. I looking at around 50ms or 100ms. Anyone has any experience in this?