Best solution to ROS/Gazebo Simulator with SITL?


I’ve a working simulation in Gazebo using ros default hector_gazebo. I’d like to switch to mavros/arducopter/sitl to prepare real world execution. My goal is to add a kinect to allow 3D perception.
But I’m quite confuse of which way to follow.
I had give a try to FlytSim and it was easy but part it don’t work and they don’t update it. It’s not open source so we can’t correct it.
I saw that seems really good but since then people continue to refer to the old wiki but it’s an old code
I also saw this pull request : in the main branch.
Can someone tell me the best way to begin in the right direction who will be supported by the community ?

The PR you mention is the way to follow. Actually, gazebo sitl works on apm side (except for multiple instance but that is comming). The pluggin on gazebo side is in review, so we should get native gazebo support when the pluggin will be merge . But today ETA is unknown.

I can assist you if you want to install gazebo from source to use it. It is not complicated but a little long.

Thank you.

Could you give me some guidelines ?

I will be glad to document it after success.

The ardupilot plugin is under review here:

It’s in the ardupilot branch:

OK, thank you, I will use ardupilot gazebo branch.