Best settings for Tekko32 4in1 Mini 45A ESC on a big X8 (17 inch)

Hi everyone! I am planning to use two Tekko32 4in1 Mini 45A ESCs in a X8 copter running Tarot 6S 4008 330KV motors and 17 inch propellers.

Can anyone tell me what settings should I change in BlHeli software? I already know that “Low RPM Power protect = OFF” seems to be a must but should I change anything else?

In terms of additional hardware precautions, any advice? Can I just use the capacitors provided with the ESCs or do I need to add more?

I use:

  • Low RPM Power Protect = OFF
  • Low Voltage Protection = OFF (rely on the flight controller battery settings)
  • Temperature Protection = 90
  • Motor Timing = Auto

and I also use the Sine mode, but most people don’t use it as far as I know. Never had an issue with it myself. People seem to think it might add 0.000001 of a second to the latency of their racing quad, or something like that. In the doco it reads like it is perfect for larger/LowKV motors.

I’m using two 4in1 tekko32 45A on a QuadX8 with 13inch props - no problems at all.

Use DSHOT600 and the telemetry data for RPM based harmonic notch filter.

Thank you for your answer! That is all I needed to know. However, I think I will choose DSHOT300 due to the long motor wires. I am afraid that 600 might cause problems

or do you mean the signal wires between the flight controller and ESCs?

If it’s just long wires between the ESCs and motors, then the DSHOT rate doesnt make any difference.
DSHOT300 will be more immune to noise on the signal wires, but often DSHOT600 has fit in well with Arducopter loop rates and so far no one has complained of any noise-like interference problems.

I’ve seen ESCs that werent happy with DSHOT150, so DSHOT300 or 600 are good choices.

Yes, in fact it’s just long wires between the ESCs and motors! I though that would be the problem for noise. My bad. In that case I will try DSHOT600 :grin:

Just one more question. Should I change “Rampup Power”?

For bigger motors and props I’ve been known to drop rampup power to about 25%, but I dont think this is critical.
At the time I was chasing a yaw oscillation at arming, and rampup power may have helped a bit, but the better fix was reducing the ATC_RAT_YAW_I and ATC_RAT_YAW_P plus stiffening the landing gear.

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