Best pixhawk I can buy?


what’s the best pixhawk I can buy? something if possible compatible with both PX4 and ardupilot, but not necessary.

I think either you can go with 3dr pixhawk or pixhawk 2.1 cube depending on your budget and application.

is the CUAV V5+ Autopilot compatible with Ardupilot? how does it compare to Pixhawk 2 Cube

also what’s the difference between the cube color? black orange, green, purple and yellow?

Lastly, what radio controller do you advise?


Cube, no question.
If you need a mature, stabilized hardware, buy a BLACK
If you experimenting with new hardware, need extra memory and/or processing power, buy ORANGE
If you only need extra memory, buy YELLOW
If you need US sourced and manufactured hardware then buy BLUE
If you have a solo and need a replacement, buy GREEN
If you build a rover or a boat, buy PURPLE

If you have space constrains, buy a mini carrier board.
If you have normal space and want to add external components such as power, then buy a normal carrier board.
If you fly, buy a normal carrier board with ADSB
And finally if you want an all-in-one solution, buy a KORE carrier board.

Don’t buy anything else, just a HERE2 GPS.