Best parameters for tiltrotor like BELL V-22

Hello, is there a document from scratch to the end to make this tiltrotor with only two motors ? I can’t find enough documentation for TWO MOTOR tiltrotor. How can I do it ? I watched @iampete’s video ( ) But I guess the ardupilot is not very suitable for this frame type, it cannot balance well. How should we go? btw hardware : pixhawk cube orange

I think you have it backwards, I would say that the frame type is not very stable no mater the flight controller. I believe the V-22 has some amount of cyclic control, we do not currently support this in ArduPlane.

Thanks a lot for your answer @iampete , using cyclic is an expensive and difficult system, so we want to add a 3rd motor. We want to build a 90-degree tricopter for VTOL, is that possible ? What kind of documentation do we need to follow? and does it support autopilot after doing this tilt system? In addition, do we have to go via arduplane or arducopter?

That is just the standard Plane code, see:

Go to the Nimbus Tricopter VTOL) forum. It’ll be the closest setup to what you’re planning.

Good luck.

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wow thank you dude exactly like I want