Best os for running MP in RPI4

I need to run MP on raspberry pi and I have tested raspberry pi os and ubuntu, but the performance is not good. I heard good things about using Manjaro. Is there other os that MP runs better on RPI4B?

I haven’t played with this for a few months but I’ve had the best luck with Buster (legacy). I had upgraded to Bullseye and that didn’t work (there’s probably been upgrades since so maybe it works now). I also didn’t have a good experience with Ubuntu on Pi for MP.

yeah, ubuntu didn’t do very well for me, I am trying to have mp forward signal so I can intercept with a script via tcp, but it ends losing connection, maybe its the tcp and via udp may work, but I am still investing to finding out if there is a better os to run mp

If you’re just using the RPi to forward the data then you should look at Mavproxy. That can be run all from terminal so it’s going to be far more lightweight and a little less dependant on the OS/desktop enviroment as MP will be.

Thx for the advice, but i need a groundstation with gui and qground seems more complex to execute than mp